Server Merge soon

Hello, this is Silkroad Online.
We would like to announce that we will proceed with the sever migration for the population adjustment.
With this, we expect that the unbalanced population problem will be resolved and our users would be able to enjoy all the Silkroad contents.
We will do our utmost to stabilize the servers after the migration.

This announcement is intended to provide an initial guide for our users regarding the server migration.

We will provide a more detailed announcement and an official Server Migration Guide in the future.

To avoid any inconvenience or loss during the server migration, please refer to the guide below, the Server migration Guide will also be posted soon.

  1. Server migration plan

Time of Completion: Sep 14, 2021

  1. Target server

Target Server Name : Bellona + Minerva
>> New Server Name after migration : Hyperion

>> Target Server Name : Ceres + Feronia + Flora
>> New Server Name after migration : Theia


any plans for “palmyra” server?

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nope they dont release anything yet


Will Joymax make an expansion sometime after the server merge? As in an big update? For all servers. I would like to see something brand new.

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Theres likely to be a new mob area just like they added in TRSRO but thats all we know so far.


i hope they do something about traffic :smiley: like ip limit on trsro. expensive proxies no one will use and if they decrease the gold rates that would be awesome

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I fully expect it to be a shitshow for the first little while


nani? lvls? quests? map screenshot for the location?

ya i got bored as will
i mean even the mobs of 129~140 … they have no quests
as in they did a “half-Azz” job about it…
like “ya ok here u go now shut up & stay & pay”

just a re-skin of salt post. If you look on the map in iSRO the teleporter icon has already been added.

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its a “jangan cave” monsters got copied to this area? will that is better distant to lvl up after YEARS!
took them that long…

but its still nothing

its getting bored for high lvl players…
old quests max 128 for 140servers

no repeatable quests for high mobs …
last repeatable is 120

& im not including the baghdad dungeon for 123 players
since u cant go “BOT+AFK” for days…

but bruuuh
DAT mustache though:


Where is that NPC located?

got the pic from the link above…
guess its north from hotan … near 71 devil-eye or something…

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I did see the teleport on the map but I could not find the NPC. So I am assuming that for iSRO the NPC will not show up until after the server merge. Thank you


Ya it’s not there yet


After the server merge and a small game update. I still cannot find the NPC. The teleport is still on the map though. I walked there and looked around. So maybe a bigger update than expected?

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Ya it wasnt added, maybe later