Server deleting for no reason

happened 1 more time before



Are you sure you added a server on the “Edit Private Server” dialog? It asks you to add one before clicking “Save”.

Yeah it happened bot already running. Server deleting itself

ofc i added a server. it was fine and i heard those errors .

It doesn’t delete the server unless you did so on the dialog.

I am lying then ok thanks

[48][21.9.5][Read past end of stream][5/9/2019] [0xb071][56][22][vSRO]

maybe it hels ? error.txt

and i got this error while 64 (SIXTY FOUR) chars open. all gives same error . its only me i guess

If you can provide steps to reproduce the problem then I can figure out what’s going on. That error has nothing to do with it.

Maybe Ccleaner did this i used yesterday.

Nevermind its happening only one time a week its ok