Send packet

i cant sending packet heres my code

from phBot import *
import struct
import json
import os
def handle_event(t, data):
	# Filter events
	if t == 1:
		log("data döndü1" + data)
		log("data döndü2")

def Inject_SelectTarget(targetUID):
	packet = bytearray()
	packet = packet + struct.pack('<I',targetUID)
	inject_joymax(0x7045,packet, False)
	log("data döndü3")


u cant send 0x7045 with ph bot its disabled

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Not true but you can’t do it like he wants and with his intentions…

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Hi DeRidder14
What do you mean by this? Are there any prohibition on your side?

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He was just trying to auto select any theif that appears near him. Its not possible.


As an alternative, another stream utility could be used?

like GitHub - ProjectHax/pySilkroadSecurity: Silkroad Security API for Python