Selling items

Hey iam playing on private server and there u get alot of sos moon sun items that i want to be able to sell with the bot how do i set that up?

@mongoturk123 mark that and add to sell sox items


Hey dont work for me :open_mouth: maybe iam doing something wrong but i have that enabled i have the item put that i want to sell it but dont work :S

Did you also mark it as “sell” on the pick filter tab?

yes i did i dont know what i did wrong but i have checked everything like 100 times now and cant see that anything should be wrong

Are you sure it’s the right item? There are duplicate items in there with the same name but have different models.

yes iam sure i have the right items on sell

maybe its becouse its private server but it works to auto stall the items on this server

The bot can store the items so should be able to sell them to weird :sa:

Hello, im with same problem.
My bot don’t sell the items dont know why.

Maybe items are marked for sell AND for store in storage or guild storage, bot
wont sell them if so

Correct. This thread is also 2 years old.