Sell Return Scrolls

Hi, i have in Pickfilter addet sell all Return Scrolls.

Now my chars are selling all return scrolls @ Black Smith in DW, do storage and goes to Grocery Shop and buy 2 Return scrolls. this is good but than it goes to Drug Store and sells this 2 return Scrolls againe and buy MP and HP. And on the Training Area they dont have Return scolls.

If i dont add sell return scrolls, my inventary after 2 weeks full with return scrolls. Ok i can add only pick x return scrolls but i want to pick all for more Gold.

is it possible to add keep xx of items. Same is with HP/MP Pots now i sell all 200000 Pots and buy 150 new.

sry for my bad english.


There’s no way to do that. You should not pick them up and buy the amount you want to keep on the character.

better use special return scroll then let chars pick normal return and let them sell normal return scroll


i think you can do this, make all chars pick return then don’t sell, choose an option sell ex potion, go town make char buy 2, all party will pick return when they in town bot will sell all return except 2 , the number of return that you added in town tap.

Using this method for years, working great