Secondary Passcode?

Hello got little problem with my Manger
my chars stuck stometimes likes this ? how can fix it ?

iam already use Manger v1.8.3 Phbot Testing v23.2.5

have that problem to

Same problem

restart the bot who ask 2em password

think its isro sever problem , all have same error by sbot,phbot , normal client its very strange atm

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Either my account that I use for testing got hacked or they broke passcode verification.

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i have the same problem with this

Same here. Game destroyed itself, not a big surprise.

Same here

Its about game. Bot cant entery 2nd pw

I’m unable to login with the game and I don’t see any packet differences so you’ll have to wait for them to fix it.

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Or maybe u can create new account then u can see whts wrong :slight_smile:

The problem is their secondary passcode system so how would creating another account help with that?

no Ryan i think sro do something different in package maybe for detect bots people for ready get ban ^^

All my chars logged in alone.
So i cant See any bugg

Maybe with original client different. I said bcz of this. I didnt try

server feronia now all passcodes is wrong, is something i can do ?

Have to wait for them to fix it. I tried the old sro_client and it does the same thing.

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its ok i already knows that you doing your best to fix this, i will wait.

u also got email from joymax everytime bot login?