Scripts HELP

im new to phbot , I was wondering is it possible to make auto trade sell/buy without stopping auto script ? although there is a npc was replaced to other area can bot detect that npc so it can be 24/7 trading non stop ?? if it worth id buy phbot now it would be great to have such experince

The NPC should work, you just have to make a script that goes to it. Which server is it? Some servers will not work due to added protection of buying trade items.

its server called Ruby Online and I alrdy heard there some1 do that thing I want to do he do 24/7 trade and when thief touch him he instant dc although there is 60 sec to log off by server

I don’t know if trade will work on that server or not.

@Ryan is it possible to have a trial for 1hr or something to try if it works ? so if it works id subscribe , kindly asking