Sometimes scriptcommands plugin causes phbot to freeze when I start/stop recording. Any solution?

Check to see if the CustomNPC.json file in your phbot folder is corrupted. Itll probably look empty if it is

Ошибка Python: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘CustomNPC.json’ What could be the problem? Has anyone encountered this?

What are you doing go get this error? You need to record a custom command first so the json file can be created

I did all this, then copied “CustomNPC.json” to all bot folders (I play on RuSro, you can’t have a manager here). The plugin does not find the recorded settings.
These settings are on Event So-Ok

Did you copy it to the main folder where the exe is? There should be no issues with copying it if you’ve copied it to the correct location

Of course, I copied it to the right place in the root folder with the bot where exe

Moreover, I have 16 folders with the bot and in 8 the plugin works fine, but in 8 every other time(

What are the name of the folders that don’t work?

D:\Game\Silkroad\Bot\phBot z1
D:\Game\Silkroad\Bot\phBot z2
D:\Game\Silkroad\Bot\phBot z3

D:\Game\Silkroad\Bot\phBot z8

“og”: {
“Packets”: [
“0x7045:68 D1 E0 02”,
“0x704B:68 D1 E0 02”,
“0x705A:68 D1 E0 02 03 00”,

CustomNPC json is not empty. og is the cmd i use. what should i do

I don’t really know, try to delete it and make it again