Script command for bot start

Hi guys i prepared some automatic scripts for hunters and thieves. To give an example, when his job bag is full, he returns to the town, wearing his job suit, buying pot and doing target trade. I did it with a few conditions and a script. I first stop bot when it comes to the town then I run the script with the command. I added my script town cycle. I need Script command bot start(@Ryan) bot stop command already had script command list

You could do a python command. Iā€™m just not 100% sure if functions are passed through a script that is executed by a condition but give it a try.

def StartBot(args):
	return 0
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Yes I did it before also if phbot may have bot start condition great

    from phBot import *

def bot_(arguments):
    if arguments[1] == ('start'):
    if arguments[1] == ('stop'):
    return 0

bot_,start is script command