Sailor online

i read in it that its based on isro-r
anyone could tell me how active this is?
& is bot allowed?
& does phbot work there?( @Ryan )?
& can i buy weapons from mailstore? or from other players?
& if bot allowed … how many can i login per PC ip?

A quick search would have get you the answers

  1. Sailor
  2. Could not extract pk2 key

Bots are not allowed there and phBot is not working

i reached Lv 29 there now
and the ingame bot system is nice
not the AFK+BOT u used to in isro
& XP rate 70% for max lvl 130 very good

ashame its “private server”
meaning year or 2x till it shut down
& nothing to do after reaching max lvl(fast)

but was wandering
why isro client impact my CPU around 85%
& Sailor client_sro.exe impact my CPU between 55~65% Only
isro bitcoining on my system?

CPU mining is worthless. If your GPU is at 100% usage and everything is unusable then you could make an argument for that.