Ryan. Hi. Can you check my problem?

My name is Ekrem.
i have a few problem with phbot. (stable phbot i using)
problem 1:
Login problem with manager. check it. on hestia server. if server is full. my chars (max 2 slot on ip ) starting to login. 56/56 and going… 45/56 44/56 42/56 and::::::::::::::: get dc and starting again. all chars…
i using manager. selecting startup to 2 accounts at once (or 1. i did try)
20 hours i cant login. 4 hours maybe i can play with phbot. ( Ryan another bots normal working. and np for login. it can do login) ( another servers can logging. only hestia problem.

problem 2:
when clientless to client=== sro_client opening. but no open full screen. it cant start.3-4 times i trying maybe opening full normal.

thank you for your ansver.

If you use the “start up to” option you need to put accounts on different gateway servers so two are able to login at once otherwise it will disconnect.

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image make your manager like this. it should work