Russro login problem

Usually it stops like this, i cant login game.

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You have to keep trying until you get agent server

sometimes I have to try logging in 30 times to succeed, it’s really hard

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So how we can fix this problem?

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guys we need support and improvements phbot in russro @DeRidder14

I got the same problem, I just got the time for the bot, and I can’t log in! mb Admins can help or comment? Because you spend money and get nothing in return!

It’s been explained that you need to connect to 32234 which may take time.

ok, I got it, but, mb you can do something with it? implement something to automate that process for example?

düzeltebildin mi? birde client olarak mı giriyorsun nasıl ?

Its take too much time for login

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this is my problem anyway, it would be nice if the login was somehow automated

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