RUSRO not open with phbot

Hi everyone . I’m not opening the RUSRO with phbot . Can you help me please ? How do it open with phbot ? Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you using the testing release?

Open bot first, enter your login details then click launch while Client box is ticked.

then login via 4game.

I couldn’t figure out how to login second char tho, would need some assistance on this :slight_smile:

You need a second bot folder and a second copy of the Silkroad game. After you login with the first client, logout of 4game and into your second account, change the game folder in 4game, then launch the second bot as normal.


I’ve been waiting for this to know now.Thank you very much

how can i change the server from “CBT” to “Ares” cause they changed the server name and u get an error when u press “select” after u opend client


Update your bot.

it wont ask me to update…how can i manualy update it?

Run the bot installer again.

nice ty

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