Run bot with client bag

Hi guys.
I’m playing at Blackrogue server and the bot is working very well but sometimes manager or bot trying to connect to silkroad without client and this window can’t starting successful because Blackrogue server (Kratos) checking HWID.

I know this because server is sending me private message with error can't read HWID (or smth like that)
I don’t know the problem with the manager or bot, or with their communication.

I have fallow settings in
Manager Edit tab for all windows:
✓ My username and password
✓ Reconnect on disconnect
✓ Start the Silkroad Client
✓ Go clientless after … 0 min
✓ Hide
✓ Hide Silkroad
✓ Star bot on login
Phbot test v25.6.6:
✓ My username and password
✓ Server Kratos
✓ Start bot on login
✓ Relog on disconnect

I don’t have a checkbox on Client position, because doesn’t matter on or off this checkbox manager (i suppose manager) remove it.
And most part of these windows working very well but as said above bot trying to reconnect clientless.

Do you have any idea how to fix this? Let me know if you need more info.

I suppuse it works, thank you mate!

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