RSilkroad New Kervankey

hey Ryan it’s a new problem with RSilkroad. We don’t have kervankey anymore we have image now. GM gives a captcha( to us for kervankey. We used code for “kervankey” and get the numbers with string. but it is a image and we can not solve it. it is totally another topic for us. What will we do?

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Nothing unless you pay someone to type it for you.

are you talking about gm’s captcha or our code?

You’d have to implement some type of neural net to break the captcha. If it does not change often you could create a small GUI to type the captcha code in and the plugin could send it.

I have a possible solution for you, but you will need to send me private message to know more details. won’t be public for obvious reasons… ._.


can’t send private message can you send me ?

hi, can you help me please rsilkroad new chat

do you have a solution