Reverse return scroll for Script

I need this function also it option very important

Geri dönüş için return scroll kullanabilirsin. ? => Item Kullan => Return Scroll
You can use the return scroll to return. ? Item Kullan => Return Scroll

Why would someone need using reverse after walk somewhere? Use reverse istead of script to go somewhere.

Kasılma alanı ayarlar öldüğün yere reverse ve en son ışınlandıgın yere reverse at var
fakat benim yapmak istediğimi karşılamıyor. ben script ili biyere reverse atip gitmesini istiyorum
Conditions diye en son eklenen özellik bir çok ardaşık işlemi yapmamıza imkan sunuyor fakat bunu sürekli yürüyerek yapmak yerine; scriptten direk reverse ile winglere git > oradaki görevin bitince şu komutu etkinleşdir> şuraya git gibi ardaşık işlemleri yapma imkanımız yok 14

ryan are you there ?

Why is this option useful?

I farming honor point
1lvl>40lvl then gradute in generally first spawn point constantinople north or west gate (default)
also every “new account”(starter pack) given gifts 11x reverse because of I want, each account use reverse to Samarkand ONG habibat then walk to training area. Im gaining 5 min for each ACC
Note: Conditions, this option is excellent I like the phbot , I love you Ryan :slight_smile:

I waiting update … <3

ryan ?

I’ll add it.

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when youre planning to adding this function ? thank you best regards.

It’s already there.

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@Ryan I meant when first time character login to game and then how can i add reverse return scroll to script that he can go to party leader ? thank you, best regards.

Yea? There are options on the script creator.

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When i open script creator to create script i just see to use return scroll and teleport but i want to use reverse scroll to go pt master so could you explain it ? Thank you, best regards.

reverse,player,PLAYER NAME

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@Ryan hello again i got [09:22:28] Script: Command not found [reverse,player,Bluffy]
[09:22:28] Script finished this problem when i made this script for example do you have any suggestion about it thank you :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Using the testing release?

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No not testing release

I use phbot v16.2.7 right now I’m not new user of phbot actually if we can solve this problem me and my friends will continue to phbot if not we will use sbot :neutral_face: