Return to town & use town NPC teleporter

Hey @Ryan,

In TRSRO, resurrecting at current position, for characters between level 1-20 has been disabled in towns except Constantinople for EU chars, and Jangan for CH chars. I need to be able to use the “use town NPC teleporter for last death” however, I am encountering two problems in doing so.

  1. I am trying to make my characters walk from Constantinople to Samarkand for academy, however, when they die, they do not return to town to use the town teleporter for last death.
  2. I can somehow manage to make the chars return to town using conditions, however, they still do not use the town NPC teleporter to return to last death point. ( I have the options checked in the “Script” tab.

I would appreciate if you could suggest ways that I can resolve these issues, or if it is a problem with the bot that needs an update to be compatible with TRSRO.

Thanks aga

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show your script.

It’s not a script. I’m using auto-walk to training area. The NPC teleporters do not work in TRSRO if the training area is not set in Constantinople or Jangan.

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