Return problem ... i need help plz

why this option not working ??

I need him return if died in script

So what i can do to do this ??

You also need to enable “Dead”.

Oki i will test this … Thank you <3

But if he died in his training area
he back to the city at the same moment
I do not want that. I just want him to come back if he died in script only …

There’s an option to wait for resurrect.

There is nothing to end the problem other than that?

Why would you not want to use that?

bro if you want char dead at center wait 50 min for example choose not ress within 50 min
and choose return immdeiatly if out side only
don’y mark on Dead

Because I do not want to go back at all except in the case of his death in the script only because the rest of the characters take time to open and he loses xp every time

I don’t want him to wait all this time to return and I do not want him to return during his dead with his training area …

if you want it return immediately if in script or in training area ??? just choose Dead
can you explain what do you want to do in 1 comment, maybe i can help you ?

i want him to return if him die in script only not in training area … Dead makes him come back anyway if he is dead in the training area and does not take resurrect time

very very good, and what do you want from it if it dead at training ?

I don’t want him to come back during training ever if dead
in script only can him back :confused:

finally i can help you :smiley:

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oki bro just choose return immediately if dead outside training, only don’t choose any other options, test that and pm me.

This does not work … See first comment

he wants his char return to town if in script only like wizz bard never return if it dead in training area, that’s what he wants to do.

i think you must choose Not Ress within and make it 5000 minutes