Return if not ATTACKING

i see the bot sometimes just stand there
not attacking or moving
even though the bot is running

suggest to add option to

If you are not receiving any packets from the server it will wait after about 20 seconds because there could be lag.

ya but when it stops … while bot still running
it STOPs
till it die by mobs ganging it
or i press stop/start…


bruuuh there is something wrong with ur bot
at least in palmyra server

its not attacking for along time
the bot is running
i manually cancelled the buffs
disabled the "mirror weapon reflect
but its still STOPPED
like please stop denieing it have no problem & look into it
would u like me to upload the character’s files & send ya id pw to login & bot for a while till u counter it?
wasted like week or 2 till now? with no serious progress/lvling
every time i come back home & check … i see sometimes a full day pass with only 1% XP more

even though in good days … i get 15~20% per day…

Disable collision detection.

if i do that … will it detect NPC when it deliver quest?
also there are some tree’s in the main area’s i bot at

the one on the screen … are just a “lvl up” Quests… which are 1time & back to main spot…

Don’t use the navigate option then.

did ur new options/settings at that section
screwed this?
the bot was cool before this update/add’s…

& i disabled one of them
then tried both
& problem still UP

even if i manually kill monsters thinking they might be bugging me
its still not moving

have to click STOP & START again…

can i downgrade phbot version?
which one was it before the update for detection section thing…?

I didn’t do anything. You probably changed something with your attack or buffs.

i kept removing & adding each buff … maybe something would get it moving again
but nothing
maybe some of this skills have different coding for palmyra server
as its known for its rare serial numbers…
would u like a character to check its readings? a 121 sword/force…

i guess it stops cuz of this option
but why
any solution from ur side?
something like this cant be ignored
training area’s are not a “flat Earth” case…

Not fixable. Do not use the option if it causes delays.

i guess the game is haunted & the bot trying to target them but cant cuz they are using one of the ultimate cheat code IDCLIP


can u add an option to
STOP&START phbot(1sec gap)
if not moving or attacking for 1minute

for this crisis BUG that has no fix

the Collision detection needs to be on … for 90% of training area’s

i cant bot without that option
u say its not fixable
other bot type … dont have this problem
maybe its fixable?

i really need a solution from u … a phbot developer … on this matter

the word “not fixable” does not suits ur position in this matter
specially since other competition bots dont have this problem

give me a solution
what should i do
weeks passed over a waste of time…