restart(DC&start) function

kindly add this function please
for when i wanna do stuff with my char manually
but find out
i have short time till XP limit out
when going on “hide client” & go on fullscreen on another game … but find that SRO-GPU-usage got crash/DC/bug & need to restart client … but cant cuz phbot already tried & bugged itself & now i have to close the whole bot & open again+add login info+ start client

its more like a “manual restart” to force client close(bugged or not) & reset phbot understanding from "waiting for client to start … to start again…
since it cant detect client fail to start … from another game being on fullscreen

saying this last part
cuz i see phbot can detect when client get stuck on start … cuz of the Silkroad-Online corrupted file
but that detection does not apply on GPU+SroClient sync fail…