Respawning here

Is it possible that the bot use “Respawning here” when the char died while walkscript?
It tried it out but it don´t work. I set under “Return” the Option “Dead”.
The Bot log told me Respawn here:

 [17:40:56] You died by 1x Periton
 [17:40:59] Dead: Respawning here

But the char still lieing on the ground

Version: v21.7.9

Character level and server?

Level 5 on Bellona

It’s sending the packet when you see that message. I can’t really fix something when the server doesn’t respond.

A Solution could be to use the NPC “Guide Riise” and chose “Move to the place where you died”
But i can´t find the opcode …
Did you have it?

I don’t have it off hand. You have to go in game and capture it.