Res party member

How i can make a char res party member then return to center before continue attack or buff ?

You have to set the Skill for res under Bufff → Generell and then under the tab Ressurect you have to activate “Resurrect all Member” or define a list with player.

And Under Party Options you must activate “Walk back after buffing”

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all set. but after res my char stay where it use res and attack mob, only back to center when no mob

Hi Ryan, can you make an option that return to center after kill a mob or every x second ?

For resurrect there is an option to do that but not for normal attack.

even res it still attack before back to center

Why should the Char Go back when its an attacker? There is no reason for me

Quick question, does bot have auto exchange jangan cave key ?

From Treasure Boxes? No.

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Can i create script to do it ? does it possible ?