RES BUG in Donwhang Cave NR.2!

Why does my character run to a certain coordinate after resurrecting another player?
and runs against a wall every 2 seconds.

All are in the same room ,trainingsarea max 30

I test Standart Settings and my Settings

I have reinstalled the program

yes i have already posted the topic but i give a shit because i didn’t get a helpful answer

Turn off collision detection.

!!! aggro!!! Can you take at least 3 minutes for my problem pls.
i said: “I test Standart Settings and my Settings” and i reinstall = collision detection is off

just annoys me sry


Look at the map and see if their positions are correct.

Its looks correkt

Didn’t I say it cannot walk into the corridors to get to players? It cannot do that.

yes yes this was only for the picture, the problem is in the room

ok i will log my second player in and take a new picture in the room.
that was only for mapchecking sry

Here is the process

The map agrees with both of them

Give this a try.

I tried it but didn’t work. The problem is, after my char res s.o. it goes to a certain x,y which is outside of the room.Thatswhy it stucks to the wall. The problem happens in dowhang cave. You can check the logs below.

[03:07:48] Resurrect: Attempting to resurrect [Player1] [Peri İntibah Zanaati]
[03:07:51] Script: Walking to -24280, -86

(My training area position is: -24142, -156)

There is a party buff problem too. For example i am at 4th floor in dw cave and a party member is coming to training area from 3th or 2th floor. My force chars bot thinks that he is near and tries to buf him and stucks to wall until he comes 4th floor.

Same here

i have same problem.

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Thanks admin, I only tested the res bug in cave and it is working nicely. I’ ll test the buff bug tomorrow. Thanks a lot.

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