Requesting 2 features

  • use emergency when attacked by [ #set by player ] number of mobs
    instead of setting “when health reach low”
    using HP is set on a bit low to save some
    & emergency is set for a bit high to avoid losing HP

  • protect fellow/pet from mobs attacking it
    instead of finding it dlvling
    cuz its lower lvl
    or got gangbanged by big mobs

Mr. jelly can u do a plugin for both of this?
& set it to work only while bot running(specially the 1st…)
& 2nd one function is separate from the option “protect pt members”
& make sure it over write’s the “prefer/ignore monster” when it comes to protecting the fellow/pet

i’ll pay ya for it

Hi, prodrugz.

There is stuffs that cannot be done through python like:

  • Casting skills
  • Check players around you
  • Data from phBot GUI it’s hidden from python, only functions provided by API can be used
  1. use emergency when attacked by player : Not possible, I can’t cast a buff (skill)
  2. protect fellow/pet from mobs attacking it : It can be possible but can create conflicts while botting (bot and plugin targeting a different mob)
  3. override “prefer/ignore monster” when it comes to protecting: and by the way, is something about GUI info, that is not supported by API

The only possibility to override the GUI info, is while is not botting… The config file can be edited and the profile switched to a temporal and back again to refresh configs.

The first option seems easy to implement, could be requested on Suggestions category.

i mean when attacked by certain number of monsters
like make a link between
trigger zerk if attacked by # mobs
& emergency buffs

& the fellow thing

i requested both of those from @Ryan before
but didnt get a feedback from him for OK/NO

Will add it in the bot