Request for Relog Condition

Hello, on my server, if i disconnect a character on town, i get the FULL fatigue bar 100% back.
But, I did not found a option for Relog at conditions section, i just found Terminate and Disconnect.
Alrdy configured my chars to return to town after X minutes, but i did not found a way to make them relog at town to get the blue bar refreshed.
Can you add a condition for relog? Thx in advance.

Condition disconnect should work since manager will restart the bot when its disconnected

I tried Disconnect and Terminate conditions alrdy, but it keeps disconnecting ALL the time on infinite loop

There is a settings for disconnect in town. Protection → Teleport → Time → (Tick) Back Town/ Disconnect (set time to use return after login)


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Thank you so much slo, I haven’t seen this option, this helped my a lot.

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