[Request] a plugin for auto skills

hello @JellyBitz
would like to request a plugin similer to the VIP auto skill & even better

for me to just walk around and select a target
& the plugin with hit the target

hot key reset for START & STOP
same as “Key blinding” section

a window with all skills
a window to add attack skills
a window to add buff skills
a 1slot window for cambo(fire light cold poison(EU))
weapon/shield switching should be manually by player

attack skill trigger should be in order
also better to start order if new target selected & skill is rdy
assuming bot/plugin can detect me selecting new target…

name ur price

or at least a section with attack skills & combo skills … i the player will trigger the buffs himself

What’s a vip feature :thinking:

When you spend enough money for gold vip than you have this feature