Reporting errors + suggestion


  • When I use Key Bindings ( Enabled key Bindings )
    The char dont ( stop / start / get Position )
  • Some party buff is not working at pVsro Servers ( cant find them in the list )
  • Avoid Statue of Justice in Script wont work if the Statue just change the place and its placed in way of my old script
    -If the bot had more than 1b gold … the bot wont store them all at guild storg, he will store 1b and then store the items and leave
  • The bot Doesn’t Find the Lucky Powder because it named ( Lucky Magic Powder ) so its will be help full if could be fixed :smiley:
  • When Minimize the bot it used to disappear and and there is no need to hide it from the manager thats not working now :S


  • Add Ignore town script through manager ( when right click at char name )
  • Add Option to change training area after done a specific quest
  • Add an option ( pop-up ) shows if the char didn’t kill mobs for specific time ( while bot at start )
  • Add to buy specific items from Specific npc if possible ( not town script )
    ex: in our server there is item mall npc … i want the bot to buy items that i provide him with name
  • Add option to customize the auto configuration so i can let him use the skills or setting that i provided before
  • Add menu that shows the premium - pet - devil ( time remaining )
  • Add second skill to cast for the Auto Lure setting… so the bot dont walk while Cool Down of skill without any advantage
  • Add A log that shows which skill is casting coz sometime chars just stuck and we cant define the problemm when it clientless
  • Add an option to Abandon more than 1 Quest at time coz its a pain to cancle like 7-8 quest in each account (( Group Selection instead of only 1 ))
  • Add option to change the Trace setting through manager, because its take a long time to change full pt trace setting :smiley:
  • Add Function to change the Configurations through manager
    -Add function to Auto Manufacturing items its take too much time to configure them Manully
  • If Possible add Auto Accept Exchange and Approve function it will help a lot when exchanging between many chars
  • Auto Stall method, Like selecting items and the bot will auto stall them after someone bought from stall
  • Adding Ignorance chat for Specific globals because in ur server bots use global and we cant search in the globals (( too much messages ))
  • Colored Unique Spawn bar will be amazing so we don’t lost with too much spawning and if they died or not
  • Default sound that provided when recieve a msg or unique spawned ( its hard to find for each uniq a specific that why i ask if u could provide generated sounded like with uniqs name :smiley:

I know i had asked for a lot of things but it will be an amazing if u could add some of them,
Wish u the best of luck …
Thank You For the Amazing Bot <3

Keybindings works very well sometimes its stuck but u can easily fix that by doing this

Pet time showing perfectly

Uniques sound

Notes u will always see after teleporting

Auto stall will sell anything u set it to sell

Ragarding everything about Manager

manager is not a bot(just a reminder)

the problem when u are running 32 Account its hard to enabling and disabling the Key Binding i think he can fix it …

and for the pet i didn’t know that … thanks <3

Lol what the hell are u doing with 32 accounts at same place same time? no offence

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not at same place lol
32 account
every 8 with different Keybindings thats it :smiley:

but its taking time to uncheck and check :smiley:

i know about the sounds that we can set them but what i meant if he could provide a Sound Library for the uniques and give the ppl the option to change them if they need …

i know that manager is not a bot … but what i asked is just to improve the way when u using multi accounts … you dont know how many work that we do in order to run more than 32 account

i start using auto clicker to auto check avoid town script each time :slight_smile:

That sucks