Repair Hammer


I’ve configured the bot to use repair hammer, but it’s not working for some reason…

Server: ExaySRO

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Did you mark the durability of the protection section? Is the contraction area marked in the settings?

it works if you do them.

Do you mean under “Return” → Potions/Inventory → and then the different durability options?

Yes. There.

No I didn’t.

I just ticked those on, will let you know if it works.

FYI: bit confusing that you have to turn those on too, when you already enabled Use repair hammer, I thought that was the only option you had to enable

It won’t know when to use the repair hammer if you haven’t enabled durability options. If that doesn’t work let me know.


I understand :slight_smile:

And its working now, thanks guys :slight_smile:


Good. Close @Ryan