Refill fatigue bar for non vip (isro)

works best if got premium at least


  • time set on these examples are based on my timeZone
  • the “reset time” for the fatigue bar system
    can be found at official silkroad website’s timer
  • the reset time on the there site is 00:00
    so pair your time with it
    & see what time it resets on ur timeZone
  • your main goal is to set a condition
    to trigger after 7h50m from the reset time
    & again 7h50min from the FIRST relogin time

to refill this:

u need to return base & DC 10~30mins
before the bar reach ZERO while on 100%

& benefit from XP & Drops(gold items pots…etc…)

do des:



& save ur self a “premium-Plus”
for when your vip finish…

100$ coin charge = 6~7 month of insta login…