Reconnect on dc?

why chars dont relogg if they get dc?
maybe i have internet issues so they dont relogg ??? pls help

we need mor info about ur issue
using manager ? if yes manager sarting if char dc
wich vertion of bot ?

u have to check ur settings for relogin after disconnect function.


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sorry mate im new using phbot, im using manager yes v.1.7.9

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i cant enable it, or i relogg automatic if i get a DC, no need worries?

Thanks for help <3

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check ur bot with 1 client/char u open for the settings see above my answer.

yes i did that in all my bots after a relogg it dissapear

on your manager the color of you’r char is red or green ?
u dont need setup relog on bot cuz manager do it if u have start ( green) statu


if new version not work for you maybe it help u go back to older working version


It’s disabled for a reason. If you don’t let the Manager reconnect the bots you will get temp IP banned from them all trying to reconnect at once. You could enable the queue in the bot but then the Manager will still kill them if they don’t connect to the server after a period of time.