Read monster HP

is there a plugin to display surrounding monster’s:
HP(numbers as in 355/355 hp)

so fast
as fast as how fast names show up here

as live refresh

in order by type
& if multiple with same type occur
then … in order by lvl … for each type…
putting uniq at TOP
ending with normal general
like the opposite of this menu

if it was few monsters spawning nearby training spot
or alot of spawns like as in unique “roc”
with display limit of maybe 20 monsters or more or less

You would have to create that as I just released that functionality.

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Looks like something is wrong with HP, not updated the current HP neither max hp.
Source: xMobSelector


You probably need to click on the monster to actually get its HP. The max is most likely correct.

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even while selecting the monster
it shows them all with the same health(/rightside)
pt or not
giant or champion
it show’s them all as the “normal general” health

& the one on the left … goes ups and downs
showed me a normal champion with 12digits health(LeftSide/)

I’m not saying “you” need to. I’m saying the plugin would need to read that data or I need to do it from the bot.