Quick Slot Bar

Hello everyone, every time I enter the game with the client. My quick slot bar position gets reset. No matter if it is locked or not locked. This had started happening after I added another character to the bot’s manager. Has anyone else had the same experience? Am I overlooking something?

This is server bug more specific settings maybe corrupted in ur folder

It has been happening for awhile now. I’m pretty sure it is the Joymax game client. Yet it could be the video card drivers. I’m not sure where to look for an error log.

its gonna be ur settings in silkroad directory 100%|

Silkroad Folder > Settings (Delete It)

Should fix it on next relog

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u have to set position then close the client by press esc and exit

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Thank you very much. Seems as though it worked.

np :wink:

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What does deleting the contents of a folder even do?

the game would just make new one if the old one is corrupted or something

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