Quests causing delay

I’m out at my training area now. I have a few quests around my level enabled. Between attacking, the bot says that one of my quests is completed and it cannot generate a path to Soldier Wulan. This seems to cause a 5 second delay after attacking the current monster and going to attack the next.

EDIT: I dont have any return condition for the completed quest. I plan on turning it in just whenever I go to town next.

Which town is that NPC in? It is not supposed to attempt town quests if you are in the training area (and vice-versa).

I assume he’s in Hotan. I never watched the bot get the quest. I didnt get it myself. My return point is Hotan and my training area is Takla

actually, looks like its causing the bot to crash a lot too


Hmm, not too sure. Playing destiny 2 and i think it’s interfering with sro. Direct X errors. But the bot is restarting and i wouldnt expect that.

EDIT: Just noticed inspection, lol

DX errors can’t be fixed. I would not be running Silkroad with another game.