Questions about the current state of SRO

So i’ve been playing private servers the last couple years maybe 2 a year and im tired of how they always end within a month or two. So I got a few questions about iSro.
Do any americans still play? If so which server.
Do you play to make $? If so how many chars are you botting.
Is it worth starting a new goldbot “army” to make $? because I hear you cant even bot 24/7 so it seems useless to start new.

I can only answer the one about botting 24/7. VIP status is basically required in order to not disconnect. That requires buying a certain amount of silk each month.

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some american on ceres ( no fatigue system ) and palmyra ( fatigue system )
play for fun
to depend on wich server you want mak this goldbot army and u can bot 24/24 if you have vip silver ( for free acces)
qeud list is impresive some time u can wait around 4 hour for log in

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Ah, so is there a server with no fatigue system?

Ceres it is then.


So Ceres is the only one w/o a fatigue system? Also is their ip/hwid limits?

There should be more than Ceres without the fatigue system. No there aren’t any limits besides the login ones.

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How would I check if they had the fatigue system in game? I was curious about ip limit because the last time I played iSro they had just added an ip limit of some kind. Any tips for making chars/leveling them up in isro? A ton has changed since ive been on so idk if quests even matter or what anymore. Last time I played was 2009/2010


You can only login 2 Accounts at once with 1 IP. Otherwise you’ll get ip banned for a certain time. My recommmendation is to make JC-Planet accounts for your Goldbots. You’ll get sun weapon till degree 9 and extra 100k sp. You will level up much easier in the lower levels.
And you dont need two bards anymore to cast dances.
I don’t know which server have fatigue system and which doesn’t. I’m playing on Palmyra (with fatigue system) and you can bot easy, too.


So is there a EU srv without the shitty ass fatigue system ?

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