Question related to manager and phbot

so basically i have 4 Question:

if i selected change profile the new function in the manager and keep it empty and press ok is it gonna use the default one ?

question 2 : is it possible to add remove town script in the manager ?
similar to the profile and let it use 2 input 1 for town script 0 to ignore town script …
it actually will save more time for me when i use 65 char :S

Question 3 : in my server when i use auto maystery win the char hit lv. 120 i guess
the char start getting DC when adding some skills … is there a possible solution for it ? :S

Question4 : how can i remove the password for manager

I will really Appreciate ur help ryan and thank you for keep updating the bot


  1. You have to type “default” otherwise it assumes you canceled it.
  2. No.
  3. Do not use skills/buffs while it is leveling them up.
  4. You can’t. You could enter the password in the Manager ini file so it enters it automatically. Password=.....
  1. I dont use them the chars just standing
  2. for the password what should i write exactly in the ini ?