Question regarding conditions

So basically I created an auto trade script and everything is fine and its even reply for the (( Server BOT ))

after pming the bot sometime its teleported the char from cons to jangan randomly

I want the char to terminate the hourse and use return scroll

I Tried to use a condition:

if ( Town == Jangan ){ Terminate transport;}
and I assume that the char should check the script and (( because the scripts is in cons ))
it will use return scroll to run the script from cons again

but thats not happening … the char is not even Terminate the transport unless i stop the bot manually
and not returning unless i start it again

I tried again to use 3 conditions:
if ( Town == Jangan ){ Stop bot;}
if ( Town == Jangan ){ Terminate transport;}
if ( Town == Jangan ){ Start bot;}

and it didnt worked too

any suggestions ?

Conditions don’t trigger while in a walk script.

@Mo7ammadQ8 u can simply use the use return scroll command in script the bot should terminate the trade pet automaticly


i think it should work ( not tested )

since the bot will also teminates the transport if u just click the return scroll botton on the bot

i dont want him to use return scroll after each selling coz that mean he will use 1 hourse everytime,
and the Hourse is costing coins in our server xD

any other ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

so u want it to run in a loop ? if yes its easy just make 1 script for example dw>ht sell,buy and walk back to dw and keep the first xyclose to the last one then just skip townscripts and u are good to go

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