[QUESTION][Private server] Auto relog error

Sometimes after disconnecting from the server the bot is not able to reconnect and it gets stuck in the process.
This is my script error showing in bot.

17:35:47] Trade: Selling [Pearl]
[17:35:48] Trade: Finished selling transport items
[17:35:49] Python Error: disconnect() takes no arguments (1 given)
[17:35:49] Script: Disconnecting
[17:35:49] Bot stopped. Botting time [7 minutes]
[17:35:49] Auto Relog: Starting relog process

Nothing happens after this. (Need to start phbot.exe file again)

And could you share link for phbot manager guide video tutorial?

“Sometimes” problems aren’t easy to solve. You should not be passing anything to the disconnect function, but that’s not the cause of your issue.

I do not have a video tutorial for how to use the Manager.

Nothing has been passed to the disconnect function still it give me that error during disconnect.( a small part of my script is below)


As far as the main issue is concerned ( Auto Relog: Starting relog process Nothing happens) let me know if you need any log file which can help you to solve my issue.
Thanks for the help once again.:smile::smile::smile:

Nevermind, I thought you were using Python. There’s a naming conflict so it’s calling the Python function as well as disconnecting on its own. I don’t think that would cause any issues though.

If you can reproduce the problem consistently it would be easier for me to find the problem.

Yesterday I was trying to create a script for infinite trading loop between 2 towns.( I had posted an issue on this regarding the trade script, wherein you said to edit the town scripts of both town).
This problem is in continuation with that one only.

Start trading from 1st town → Reach 2nd town-> Disconnect(to receive reward)-> again relog and connect->Start trading from 2nd town → Reach 1st town-> Disconnect(to receive reward) and this continues.

So i receive this error at random times(normally after 2-3 trades) when bot disconnects and tries to auto relog.
Any other information needed?

One more thing this error occurs which I run 2 instance of bot simultaneously both doing the same thing(works without issue with single instance)( Hence i want a video of phbot manager to check if it will work by using 2 instance launched from manger)