Question on update note v20210508

  • Blocked a few more opcodes to prevent abuse

what is opcode?
& which ones are those?

The ones being abused.

duuuh xD
which ones?


would like to know
so i could remove them
& have less startup time

They should all work still but why are you loading them all anyway? Theres no reason to load a plugin if you dont use/need it.

If you happen to need a certain plugin, just add it to the folder at that time.

youre just asking for issues if you load all of them at once.

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no issues
just 5~9s delay while starting phbot.exe

& i do use some from time to time
& some always
& some never…

but still would like to know
incase it was something i use
so i dont get fooled by unfunctional one. while wandering why its not running

so any words on whats blocked?

They should all work except for maybe xChat if it hasn’t been using the built-in chat API.

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