Question/Doubt in Buff/Reflect

Is there any way in the bot to identify a buff that the Unique/Mob add the phbot to stop hitting for a while and then come back attacking?
Example: HWT has the unique Sphinx, it uses a “Reflect” that ends up killing the character, is it possible in the bot to put the bot to stop hitting for a certain time when identifying this “Reflect”?

If you have any conditions to add, please teach me.
Or, in the xControl or xAutoDungeon Plugin itself.

Thanks for reading and responding.

yaha but not with conditions

Teach us, how to do this please.
We need it.
I’m waiting for you to teach us your way.

Thanks for your attention.

You need to make a plugin, not really a teachable thing

I don’t know how to plugin, unfortunately.
You on the phbot team, could you create one?
Many people here, the players, have this question and we would like to have access.
Too bad it’s not teachable.

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