[Question] About Start Phbot

I have 3 different IP like in image


My question is how can I start them as pairs on 1 manager?

My current start method is a manager for every proxy/ip
and selected, Startup to 2 accounts at once

3x Manager

Wouldn’t that be good?
Start up to 2 accounts from every group and wait for the account to get into the game world

Manager Version: 1.7.9
Bot Version: 21.7.3
Silkroad: ISRO v1.567
Vip Status: none of them

You can’t have multiple Manager’s starting bots unless you also enable the queue system in the bot. They will be restarted constantly because they aren’t connecting.

I tried it like this now,

Queue is enabled.
Manager start option: Login all accounts at once

Manager started all phbots
Yes suspended some of them for sending to login info*
but all bots started and maybe they have to wait for hours to sending login info

[00:00:38] Connected
[00:00:39] Server capacity [Feronia] [Full]
[00:00:44] Login: Sending login credentials
[00:00:50] Login: Secondary passcode has been entered successfully
[00:00:50] Login queue limit has been reached, retrying in 30 seconds

Not all of them need to start. They can wait their queue.
How would it be, If queue system on Manager?
Starts 2 phbot from each different IP.