Question about split and npc selling

is there a possible way to split and item more than 50 times

each time 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2
and sell them to npc without combining them again ?

and is there is a way that the bot will auto split + auto sell ? I am tired from selling coins at the server that i am playing , and i can sell only 2 per time to get the same amount of gold

I don’t know what server you’re playing on, but we have the same problem. There is currently no solution to this problem. Gold bars need to be sold one by one, or price breaks are happening.

yeah thats what i am asking if there is function to sell them with the bot.
i tried to use AutoClickers but its seems its not working perfectly… that why i am asking if there is a function in the bot :smiley:

There is no such function in the bot yet. maybe this link is useful.Chely0s Sro Gold Bar Sistemi - YouTube