[Question] about fatigue time

Hello all,

I am running 6 Euro parties on the server Hestia.
At the moment i am using the “return and disconnect” option of 180 minutes. The problem is for example if one gets a random dc he will be online in a diffrent period then the other onces of his party. the party wil never be complete if i run a few hours because another one wil always be connecting and reconnecting at diffrent times. (i use proxies so i can login as many as i want)

So my questions are:
Is it possible to let my parties dc at certain hours of the day?
for example:
Party 1 always dc and returns to town at 3:00 , 6 : 00 , 9 : 00 , 12: 00 , 15: 00, 18:00, 21:00, 00:00
Party 2 always dc and returns to town at 3:30 , 6 : 30 , 9 : 30 , 12: 30 , 15: 30, 18:30, 21:30, 00:30

Also should i extend the time of 180 minutes?

Thank you in advance!

Is it actualy possible to do this by conditions?

u can mak condition
( if ) time 3:00 ( then ) return and dc
( if ) time 6:00 ( then ) return and dc
etc etc i think it work

if (Time == 3:00) { Return to town; Disconnect; } like this

Thx :slight_smile: if the bot would die would that be a problem? would it stil go town and dc?

Return to town is only for return scrolls. I suppose I could make it go back if you are dead.

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The best option for you is “Not Abuse Game”