Question About Configuration

is it possible to use 1 configuration for multi chars ?

like if i had 6 wizard and i don’t want to make new setting for each one ?
if possible can someone explain it for me ?

Copy settings to ur other char

question, if i did that it will change the char normal setting right ?
i just want to add a new configuration

so i can change it from Auto Config > (( to a new profile )) not to change my main setting

its like to create a specific profile for all my wizard for example to do Holy Water Temple ?
u got the question ?

i guess but u need to ask ryan u can change profiles somehow i never tried that

i will wait for him then :smiley:

No you can’t do that. There is a plugin that will copy a “default” config to your character but I’m not sure if that will work for you.

even if i did that ?
XEON Online_iMohaWar.iMohaWar
XEON Online_iMohaWar.HWT << another .json folder ?

and copying the json but replacing iMohaWar with other chars name ?
could that work ?

i dont wanna ruin bot settings xD

That’s not going to do anything. There is nothing in the bot that will use a specific config file you set. It’s based on server and character name.

ah okay i guess there is no way thanks :smiley: