Quest Reward Selection

Hello there.

I want to run a script that will get a character to choose a weapon and armor type as the rewards from the free gear quests in iSro.
Since the game asks the player to choose a reward, the bot simply chooses none and completes the quest.
Does anybody know of a way to code it so that the bot chooses a reward option. Is this even posible with the phbot api?

Ty for your answers.

It does not support those quests natively. You could do something with a plugin but it will require you to create multiple script commands to check the quest and interact with the NPC.

It is as simple as injecting the packet for your desired reward choice, altho it’s extremely tedious to have to figure out what the packet data is for each of the choices for each of the quests for each npc…
Can be done no problem… them shove it into a plugin and make it run a script when first creating a character and/or whenever the character is enough level to get the next free gear rewards.
That is the plan atm.