Quest Problem SuperHuman

Why all Quest SuperHuman in wrong NPC ?

1- The Bot go to NPC by name (Palace Guard Sesilrum) and the quest with NPC name (Egyptian Soldier Turian)
2- There another problem in quest in SuperHuman by name of (Deity Training Warm-up (Tathen) )silkroad online have two quest of the same name

I try to fix the problem by Script but i can’t make it by Script
When i do the quest it open only the first one and the second one keep try to open it but it go for first one all time so it keep the bot stick in place not go in traing area

First Problem Screen Shot ( The Bot Go In Wrong NPC )

Second Problem Screen Shot ( The Same Name Of Quest In The Same NPC )

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Joymax has the wrong NPC’s listed for the quests. You can open up the world map and it will display the wrong NPC for the quests. Also Joymax has the wrong info in the quest dictionary. Deity Training Warm-Up Weneg works and so does Deity Qualification Sand Bug. I had asked the same question months ago.

i had that problem from 2 mounth but when i got the sec problem i need to make that request to fix that problem

+1 here

Any fix for this? Maybe if you add a option for us to modify the wrong NPCs by our own, could be nice.


@nokay2012 I just fixed this issue by script recording, with auto quest disabled :slight_smile:
Its working fine this way.

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I fix most the quest in superhuman but i have big problem i have 2 quest with the same name when you try to make them work it only open one quest and it can’t be fix my script i tried for 5 hours not working it must be fix by the phbot Developer

It cannot be fixed by the phBot developers. Since it is an issue with Joymax.

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