Quest completed and using Return scroll like a cycle

Hi Ryan,
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Well when a Quest completed, bot goes the town, does the down script (repair items, buy hp-mp, comes to training place and again returns to town. It is like a cycle.

NPC is in Mirror Dimention. I play on vSro 2Job
3 unlimited quests

what lvl u get the “Hell Enchantresses” quest?

I’m currently on lvl127. I’ve been taken the quest “Hell Enchantresses” since lvl 122

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any help? please
I’d train faster if repeated quest could be done by using Return Scroll

did you try Enabling it? it worked for just enabled and started bot in mirror it takes it and goes to the training spot and when its finished it goes back walking to turn it in retake it and goes back to training spot
tho try enabling it from inside ( All ) tab might help dunno tho

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Thanks! Pokimane

I tried but it still didnt work out

@Ryan do you have any solution? please

Did you enable collision detection? It’s required for auto quest.

i dont even know where it is

CTRL + F → collision

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I’ve just enable it. Try return now

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