Quality of life improvements

  1. Monster priority (like on Protection --> Monster preference )
    Uneg = meh
    Weneg = +1
    Tethen = +2

When tethen, weneg and uneg in range at the same time; bot should kill firstly tethen secondly weneg, after all tethens and wenegs die at the range, bot should kill uneg.
PS: Not spesific mobs at range. Like ‘’ monster priority ‘’ in mbot.

  1. Attacks to Party leaders target. (Maybe at trace mod? in players tab)
    x = any mobs targeted by party leader.
    When party leaders attack x mob other chars attack to x mob
    (only monsters, not players or obstructions.)

This request will help us in HWT and FGW.

  1. Multiple searching on Protection --> Monster preference


Not needed especially comma, it can be dot too.

  1. Monster berserk (like on Protection --> Monster preference )
    Uneg = use berserk
    Weneg = meh

When tethen weneg and uneg in range at the same time, bot cast berserk to unegs not to wenegs.
PS: Not the spesific mobs at range, mobs at database…

  • 1,3,4 numbers can be in one tab… (Maybe on Protection --> Monster preference)


Thanks for giving time to my opinions :slight_smile:
I would be glad if you can do this ones…



The Priority would be sick :+1:

@Ryan and?

Thanks for your time ryan XD atleast you can answer :smiley: