PURE SRO Town of Darkness Awaken Cards

Hi Guys hope you are well, I am interested on buying time on the phbot every month but it depends on something that whether it exists on PHbot or not so in Puresro there is awaken cards that drops from specific unique that can be exchanged to Zerk Scroll and ress and it really help the players so Many players on Puresro want that feature so is it available in your bot or not and can it be added?

There’s no way I am adding that. It is server specific and when that server finally dies that feature can no longer be used. You might be able to do something with a plugin.

Thank you for your prompt response. The server has been Live more than 7 years and its increasing. However could you direct me to which and what plugin would allow me to use that feature

You have to write one.

Oh okay thank you so much for your information and will be trying out to do that in the trial period, Thanks and have a lovely time

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