Pugin GUI does not use full available space

Hi, i dont know, if this it a bug. Maybe it depends on windows screen/resolution/scaling settings.
The maximum displayable height is 282 pixel, but then there is also a lot of free space @ the bottom (yellow). All ui elements >=282 pixel will not be shown(or only partial shown) I placed the dummy checkbox to show what i mean

_y = 48
lvItems   = QtBind.createList(gui, _x, _y, 300, **233**)  # height 233 does work() 233+48=281

2nd screenshot made with one pix more (height=234) total height =282. As you can see, the bottom line is not displayed anymore and the checkbox is only partially shown

lvItems   = QtBind.createList(gui, _x, _y, 300, **234**)  # height 234 does not work() 234+48=282
cbDummy= QtBind.createCheckBox(gui,'', 'Dummy checkbox to show error', 20, 270)

This should fix it.

Its better, but still not good. 721x311 is the maximal size, but there is still some space left around. 722x312 wont show anymore
Here is my plugin:

from phBot import *
import QtBind

gui = QtBind.init(__name__, "MaxUsableSizeTest")
eTestBox  = QtBind.createLineEdit(gui,'', 0,0,721,311)
log('MaxUsableSize  succesfully loaded')

and thats what its look like:

I think youll be ok if 5 pixels are missing lol

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Just wanna give feedback to the test version, and its more than 5 pixel :wink: