Proxy - ipBan - Manager - PhBot

Hello, I’m having problems with ip ban:

  1. I bought 2 proxys server to be allow to login 6 characters at the same time (2 per each proxy + the 2 normal with no proxy).
  2. I added the configuration in manager of each proxy to each account i need to login in with.
  3. I have set my manager to start 6 characters at the same time only.
  4. This configuration was working great until last week, suddently i got ip ban everytime i try to login more than 2 characters even when i have 2 differents proxies.
  5. I changed configuration, even groups to star every group of 6 at once and still doesnt work only can open 2 and some times none, only got i pass the limited of 2 characters at the same time.
  6. Bot and manager are updated.

Any help.

Best regards,


Make sure the accounts that use the same proxy are using the two different gateway IPs otherwise you’re still logging in two at a time and will get IP banned.

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